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While many flooring contractors tend to specialize in offering Polyaspartic coatings, it’s crucial to recognize that this isn’t the only option. Indeed, Polyaspartic is a commendable system, and we proudly include it in our range of services. However, the world of flooring solutions is diverse, with systems that, in some cases, may suit your specific needs even better.



It’s a Military Grade system that is used on things like navy ships, ship anchors, roller coasters, oil tankers, oil platforms etc.. It also works great on concrete.



This is a siliconized coating, this keeps contaminates from sticking to the coating, thus making clean up much easier.


This coating is built for harsh environments like oil drilling, ships, and industrial use. Harsh chemicals and ocean water are constantly exposed to this coatings.


PSX has an infinite recoat life, what this means is when it starts showing wear you can put another clear coat over the top to renew the look of your floor. No prep necessary beyond cleaning off dirt and stains. (you don’t have to do this, you just have the option)

*With OTHER coatings once it gets old and worn looking, the only way to renew it is to grind it off and start over you can’t recoat them because the new clear coat will peal off!


Other systems (polyaspartic) are very slick and dangerous when wet, they are unable to achieve an anti-slip surface, this is because of how it is applied by squeegee, so the texture particles sink to the bottom of the liquid.

With PSX it is applied differently, we are able to give it anti-slip properties through the addition of an additive designed for use with swimming pools. Its gentle enough for bare feet while still adding that extra safety.


We are able to make a mixture that contains very fine aluminum particles, this greatly increases the durability of the coating, giving it much more wear and scratch resistance. **This is also not possible with polyaspartic since it can not retain the particles in suspension.


The base coat of the PSX system is able to be color tinted to any color. This allows for a more custom look to your floor. **Polyaspartic only has a couple color options.


Most companies have a simple circular grinder or even worse use acid and pressure wash. We use a random pattern grinder, it grinds in a star pattern. This achieves a more random faceted surface that allows the coating to adhere better thus last longer.



It will act like the background to the chip color.
Popular base colors include conveyor grey, silver fox, fasion gray, ASA#70





The Process

Before and After grinding

Typical amount of concrete removed from a garage to acheive proper adhesion

NEW random pattern grinders.

Special HEPA vacuums used to remove concrete dust during grinding process.

Random Grind Pattern

NEW Grinders have a random STAR pattern grind, this creates multiple facets for the epoxy or resins to adhere to, giving you a longer lasting floor then cheaper circular grinders.


Prep The Concrete


This is the most critical step to creating a long lasting concrete coating. Many lower priced places do not do this critical step. This laborious process removes the top smooth layer to expose the porous concrete. This allows the epoxy to absorb into the concrete, creating a more durable long- lasting coating.


After the grinding process is complete, we use a special vacuum with a high efficient filter to catch the tiny concrete dust particles. Most vacuums would expel the dust right back onto the ground.


Apply The Coating

This is a multi-step, multi-day process. 

Now that the concrete surface has been painstakingly  prepared to optimally accept the epoxy coating, we can begin to beautify your garage.

-We properly measure the 2-part coating system, then thoroughly mix multiple times.                        

-Then using a application specific roller, along with special shoes (so we don’t leave marks in the epoxy), we carefully apply the epoxy.  During the application of the epoxy flooring installation, if colored chips are desired we apply a 25-50% chip coverage in your choice of colors. 



Shopping Center BEFORE


Shopping Center AFTER

epoxy Flooring Salt Lake city Utah

Garage Epoxy Flooring In Salt Lake City Utah

Choosing the right flooring for spaces like garages, walkways, and patios requires consideration of both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Our specialized application of epoxy, polyurethane, and polyurea-polyaspartic floor coatings goes beyond mere surface appeal, offering a plethora of benefits that make it an exceptional choice for discerning homeowners.

One of the standout qualities of our floor coatings is their extraordinary durability. These surfaces are designed to withstand the rigors of heavy foot traffic, the strain of vehicular movements, and the impact of various household tools and equipment. They are meticulously engineered to resist chipping, scratching, and other forms of wear and tear that floors typically endure. This resilience ensures that, despite frequent usage, the floor remains pristine and intact, preserving its aesthetics and functionality over the years.

In environments like garages, where floors are frequently exposed to chemicals, the superiority of our coatings becomes even more evident. They offer formidable resistance to substances such as oil, brake fluid, anti-freeze, and other automotive chemicals. Homeowners can rejoice in the ease of maintenance; these high-performance floors negate the need for strenuous cleaning, with messes easily handled using just soap and water. This hassle-free upkeep is a boon, particularly for busy homeowners, ensuring that the floor’s visual appeal is maintained without laborious effort.

Safety is another critical aspect diligently addressed in our flooring solutions. Slippery surfaces can be hazardous, but this concern is skillfully allayed with the incorporation of anti-skid additives in the final coating layer. This thoughtful inclusion enhances safety, providing a stable, slip-resistant surface even in conditions where spills occur.

The aesthetic dimension of our floor coatings is where customization becomes truly exciting. Homeowners are availed a rich selection of colors, patterns, and textures, turning the floor into a canvas expressing personal style. The adaptability of our approach allows for the creation of spaces that aren’t just resilient and safe but also harmoniously aligned with the home’s overall design theme.

Investing in our specialized floor systems also means investing in your home’s future financial worth. A well-maintained, high-quality floor is a valuable feature, often translating to a higher resale value. This long-term benefit, coupled with the immediate advantages of durability, low maintenance, safety, and aesthetic flexibility, underscores why our expertly applied epoxy, polyurethane, and polyurea-polyaspartic floor coatings are an unparalleled choice for homeowners seeking excellence and value.

Why Epoxy Flooring is Great For Your Home Garage

Epoxy flooring, a resilient and appealing surfacing option, is an excellent choice for home garages due to its durability, protective qualities, and aesthetic versatility. By understanding the myriad of benefits epoxy flooring offers, homeowners can see why it stands out as a premier flooring solution for their garages.

Firstly, durability is paramount in a space that encounters heavy equipment, vehicles, and foot traffic. Epoxy flooring creates a seamless, high-strength surface over the existing concrete, effectively shielding it from wear and tear. It resists impacts, chipping, stains, and surface abrasions, all common in garage environments, thus maintaining an intact and polished look over time. This longevity ensures that homeowners enjoy value for their investment, minimizing frequent resurfacing costs.

Furthermore, protection against spills and chemicals is essential in a garage. Epoxy flooring is resistant to chemicals, oil, and solvents, which are often used or stored in garages. Its non-porous nature prevents liquids from penetrating the surface, making it easier to maintain and clean. A simple swipe or mop can remove spills, leaving a clean, hygienic surface. This level of maintenance ease underscores its suitability for garages, where such spill incidents are prevalent.

In addition to its practical benefits, epoxy flooring significantly enhances a garage’s aesthetics. Available in various colors, textures, and patterns, it provides an array of decorative options, allowing homeowners to customize their space to reflect their style or match their home décor. The glossy finish not only adds a professional, clean appearance to the garage but also improves lighting due to its reflective nature.

Finally, epoxy flooring supports sustainable living. Its long lifespan, combined with its ability to use existing concrete without the need for replacement, reduces material use and waste. This eco-friendly aspect is increasingly appealing to homeowners conscious of their environmental impact.

In summary, epoxy flooring transforms your garage into a durable, easy-to-clean, and aesthetically pleasing space. Its resilience, combined with its protective and visual attributes, make it an ideal choice for home garages.

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