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Continuous Overhead Storage Rack

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Overhead Storage Exclusive Features In Utah County




Large steel ceiling bracket can be mounted anywhere on shelf, not just limited to the corner. This evenly distributes the weight between 2 ceiling trusses, effectively combining two supports into one.

wall shelving storage


Our system is mounted to the wall studs, the strongest part of your house. This makes them as immovable as your walls. The other guys shelf will swing with the wind.


We don’t use wing nuts and bent sheet metal like those other guys. We use welded structural STEEL.


Our system is so versatile it can even be double stacked. This style of installation provides a more efficient use of space.


Our system is BOLTED together. This creates one seamless shelf out of multiple units. It also enables the use of less ceiling supports without sacrificing strength. This gives you easier access to your items.
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Our system can be custom fit from wall to wall and around corners. This is not possible with other systems.

Why Overhead Storage Is A Great Solution For Your Utah Home!

Utilizing overhead storage offers many different advantages, suitable for both domestic and business settings. Its main benefit is its capacity to maximize the use of vertical space effectively. This strategic utilization not only tidies up your surroundings but also promotes an orderly and organized atmosphere. By suspending items off the ground, it visually expands available space, creating an impression of a more spacious environment, particularly in smaller areas.

Beyond visual appeal, this form of storage carries practical significance as well. Particularly in zones susceptible to water-related damages such as flood-prone regions, overhead storage can be instrumental in protecting valuable assets. Similarly, for homes or businesses worried about pest infestations; elevating objects can act as a preventative strategy ensuring possessions remain untouched and preserved.

In commercial environments where safety is critical; Overhead Storage serves this purpose by guaranteeing that weighty or potentially dangerous material are kept away from common access routes reducing chances of accidental incidents spills or unauthorized intrusions all of which could lead to serious consequences

From an aesthetic perspective contemporary overhead storages have evolved into design elements themselves No longer just functional units they can be modified to match existing interior designs reflecting architectural subtleties and stylistic preferences The adaptability allows these systems to cater to specific needs making sure every square inch used efficiently.

Moreover, items stored above usually aren’t accessed daily resulting in them remaining stationary over long periods of time. Reduced movement results in less wear and tear thereby extending lifespan In essence isn’t merely a saving solution It’s a combination of functionality safety aesthetics strategic organization catering to unique requirements for residential and commercial premises.


Ceiling-mounted storage taps into the underutilized potential of overhead areas, offering a creative alternative for both residential and commercial spaces. It leverages often neglected spaces by transforming vacant overhead zones into functional storage sections. Whether it’s suspended shelving in garages storing seasonal equipment, hanging nets in kids’ rooms accommodating soft toys, or sophisticated pull-down cabinets in kitchens for rarely used tools; ceiling-mounted storage serves as both an efficient space optimizer and aesthetic enhancer. By lifting items off the ground level, it not only tidies up living environments but also adds an attractive vertical element to the room design. As urban habitats continue to shrink, such inventive solutions are crucial for maximizing usable area within limited square footage.




Price range is $329-$489 ea with at lease 2 purchased.


Industrial - Style B\W Overhead Shelving Storage

This is a great looking option for a finished contrasting look.

  • White underside mounted over welded STEEL frame

  • Black painted frame

  • Unique contrasting look

  • 4’x8′ standard size

  • Welded Steel frame

  • 1000 lbs capacity each

  • Moveable hook system

  • Size can be customized to fit your needs

  • Can be cut to fit wall to wall

  • Can be installed at any height from the ceiling

  • This is a Look upgrade from style #2

Industrial-White Coated Overhead Shelving Storage

This is an all white option for the look you want.

  • White coated Steel frame

  • White underside of top sheet.

  • Welded STEEL frame

  • 4’x8′ standard size

  • 1000 lbs capacity each

  • Moveable hook system

  • Can be cut to fit wall to wall

  • Can be installed at any height from the ceiling

  • Size can be customized to fit your needs

Industrial - Partially finished Overhead Shelving Storage

This is a great option for Looks and budget, the frame is raw unpainted steel with a white underside.

  • Strong Orentated strand board on top of steel frame

  • Unpainted top sheet (White underside upgrade available. )

  • Lower cost style unpainted steel frame

  • Welded STEEL frame

  • 4’x8′ standard size

  • 1000 lbs capacity each

  • Moveable hook system

  • Size can be customized to fit your needs

  • Can be cut to fit wall to wall

  • Can be installed at any height from the ceiling

Budget Industrial grade Unfinished Option

This is a great option for those on a budget

  • Same features as the other options

  • same strength\ install methods

  • just no paint.

Industrial - all steel look Overhead Shelving Storage

This is for those that desire a full industrial all steel look,

  • Steel mesh top

  • Welded STEEL frame

  • 4’x8′ standard size

  • 1000 lbs capacity each

  • Moveable hook system

  • Can be cut to fit wall to wall

  • Can be installed at any height from the ceiling

  • Size can be customized to fit your needs

This is the same welded steel frame as the  powder-coated system, just with an all steel INDUSTRIAL look. It is the most expensive option.

NOTE this option is not stronger than the other options.

Top Rated Overhead Storage Solutions in Salt Lake City utah

Create Home Storage in Utah County stands out as the premier choice for all your overhead storage and custom storage needs. With a deep-rooted understanding of the unique spatial challenges and aesthetic preferences of Utah County residents, they offer solutions that are both functional and beautifully crafted. Their expertise in overhead storage harnesses the often-neglected vertical space, transforming ceilings into practical storage areas. Moreover, their custom storage solutions are meticulously designed to cater to individual requirements, ensuring that every inch of space is used optimally. Their reputation is built on a foundation of quality craftsmanship, innovative designs, and impeccable customer service. Choosing Create Home Solutions means entrusting your home to seasoned professionals who prioritize your needs and visions, making them the unrivaled choice in Utah County.

best overhead garage storage solutions

At Create Home Storage has many different options for home storage solutions, especially overhead storage racks. With saferacks overhead garage storage racks, this is a smart choice for Utah residents for several good reasons.

Many homes in Utah, particularly in the suburbs and rural areas, have spacious garages that are ideal for setting up overhead storage.

This setup helps homeowners make the most of their living space without skimping on storage. Utah’s diverse climate, with its snowy winters and hot summers, also makes having reliable storage for seasonal gear and equipment essential.

Overhead storage racks are great for keeping these items tidy and within easy reach. Not only are these storage solutions cost-effective, but they can also increase your property value by improving organization and minimizing clutter. For anyone looking to better manage their space, investing in a sturdy home storage system like overhead storage racks is both a practical and economical decision in Utah. Call us today or submit a free online quote today. 

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