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Custom Garage Cabinets in Salt lake city Utah

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Custom Garage Storage

Custom Garage Cabinets Exclusive Features In Utah County




Large steel ceiling bracket can be mounted anywhere on shelf, not just limited to the corner. This evenly distributes the weight between 2 ceiling trusses, effectively combining two supports into one.

wall shelving storage


Our system is mounted to the wall studs, the strongest part of your house. This makes them as immovable as your walls. The other guys shelf will swing with the wind.


We don’t use wing nuts and bent sheet metal like those other guys. We use welded structural STEEL.


Our system is so versatile it can even be double stacked. This style of installation provides a more efficient use of space. We have options for overhead garage storage racks and more.



Our system is BOLTED together. This creates one seamless shelf out of multiple units. It also enables the use of less ceiling supports without sacrificing strength. This gives you easier access to your items.
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Our system can be custom fit from wall to wall and around corners. This is not possible with other systems. Efficient shelf garage storage systems can transform a cluttered space into a well-organized workshop

Garage Storage Cabinets And Storage Space For the Ultimate Garage Upgrade

Often the largest room in a home, the garage is frequently underused or filled with clutter. In response to this, we’ve created customized storage solutions designed to optimize and revolutionize your garage space. Our holistic approach includes three distinct types of storage cabinets garage as well as personalized flooring and wall organization systems. These arrangements not only provide easy access to seasonal items but also increase your property’s value by adding functional living and storage spaces while eliminating the need for external rentals.

With over twenty years of experience building custom cabinets, our expertise remains unmatched when it comes to resolving issues related to garage storage. We offer an extensive range that includes upper cabinets, base units, tall options and oversized models which are all designed for simple upkeep while offering superior durability. Allow us to transform your garage into a practical yet visually appealing area.

Create Home Storage stands out as the premier choice for custom garage storage systems in Utah, and there’s a valid reason for that distinction. First and foremost, their attention to detail and commitment to crafting personalized solutions ensures every homeowner gets a system tailored to their unique needs and space constraints. Instead of offering one-size-fits-all solutions, Create Home Storage dives deep into understanding the specific requirements of each client, ensuring optimal use of every inch of garage space. Moreover, their use of high-quality materials guarantees durability and longevity. Coupled with their seasoned expertise and a keen understanding of Utah’s diverse housing landscape, it’s evident why they are the go-to choice for many residents. When you seek a blend of functionality, aesthetics, and value for money, Create Home Storage is the definitive answer in Utah.


Garage Storage System

Garage Custom Man Caves

Why limit a garage to merely storing cars and tools? We excel in reimagining your garage space, be it as a craft room, a dedicated home gym, a vibrant playroom, or the perfect man cave. Collaborating closely with you, our designers discern the most suitable built-in shelves and cabinets garage storage tailored for gym gear, billiard accessories, or your home bar essentials. Additionally, we provide overhead storage solutions, wall organizers, and racks specifically designed for sports equipment. Complementing these features, our extensive range of flooring options ensures your garage floor is not only visually appealing but also slip-resistant and effortless to maintain. 


Your Custom Garage Or Style, Your Taste

A truly exceptional garage system is characterized by its attention to the finer points. Recognizing the varied tastes and needs of homeowners, our design approach is holistic. Whether the vision is of a pristine laundry hub or a sturdy, functional workbench, our design solutions rise to meet and often surpass expectations.

Our extensive range allows homeowners to indulge in choices. Be it intricately built-in cabinets that seamlessly blend with the garage’s aesthetics, shelves crafted with precision to maximize storage, or tailor-made countertops perfect for creating bar or media areas, we offer it all. However, what truly sets our garage solutions apart is the depth of customization we bring. Our selection doesn’t just stop at primary fixtures; we dive deeper. From an array of elegant adornments that add a touch of luxury, to a myriad of finishes ensuring the final look aligns with your envisioned style, and even the additional accessories that add both function and flair, every element is thoughtfully curated.

Adding layers with architectural details, our designs promise a garage that not only serves its primary function but also becomes a talking point among neighbors and visitors. And perhaps the most appealing aspect of our offerings? Despite the lavish appearance and high-end feel, our solutions are designed to fit varied budgets, ensuring that luxury and sophistication in garage design are within everyone’s reach.



Create home storage utah

Garage Work Bench and Wall System

A personalized garage workbench and wall unit can serve as the nucleus of effectiveness, utility, and individuality in a residence. For numerous homeowners and enthusiasts, the garage extends beyond merely housing vehicles; it becomes a workshop, an experimental space or even a retreat from everyday commotion. A meticulously crafted workbench along with its accompanying wall system has the potential to transform your garage from just another storage area into a center for creativity and efficiency.

1. The Epitome of Utility:
The cornerstone of any workspace is undoubtedly the workbench. By customizing your own garage workstation you cater to your unique requirements. Whether engaged in carpentry, automobile repair tasks or crafting pursuits amongst others – tailor-made benches are equipped to house specialized tools while also providing reinforced surfaces for heavy-duty activities alongside integrated compartments for tooling essentials ensuring optimal utilization.. Ergonomics too can be factored into their design thus guaranteeing that both comfort levels & physical strain are taken care off by adjusting bench height & layout accordingly.

2 Maximizing Space Usage:
Customized wall systems function perfectly with these bespoke benches by assigning each accessory/tool its specific location thereby enhancing orderliness . Wall hung pegboards , slatwalls or magnetic panels could be arranged so they hold all necessary equipment/materials/supplies etcetera effectively utilizing vertical room available increasing overall capacity without consuming floor space .

3 Personal Expression through Design:
Beyond being purely functional units customized benches/wall-systems may align themselves aesthetically according owner’s personal tastes/preferences .. Material selection/finishing touches/color schemes might reflect homeowner’s personality/lifestyle/design sensibilities home-wide… Options ranging classic wooden finishes industrial metallic installations contemporary sleek designs selected depending ambiance desired…

4 Built-to-Last :
Typically such personally designed solutions prioritize durability… High-quality materials combined precision craftsmanship ensure setups withstand daily wear-tear continuing provide service many years possibly decades..

5 Enhancing Property Value :
Apart immediate functionality advantages well-designed garage workbench/wall-system might significantly increase property value… Prospective buyers often view well-structured efficient garages bonus feature..

Summarizing , personalized garage workstation paired wall system has potential completely redefine your entire space transforming into versatile, effective personal area … It represents perfect combination functionality aesthetics ensuring every activity undertaken supported whilst reflecting individual style.. Whether used professional pursuits hobbies leisure activities setup guarantees both productivity pleasure from your garage experience.

Garage Work Bench

Why Choose Our Garage Cabinets In Utah

Garages frequently transform into extensive storage spaces, filled with a range of items that could potentially be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Ironically, while these possessions fill the indoor area, our more valuable assets – our vehicles – are left vulnerable outdoors. This leaves them susceptible to weather elements and possible thefts or damages. To ensure the safety of your most prized possessions we provide superior garage flooring solutions along with state-of-the-art garage cabinets, functional garage storage shelves systems and inventive overhead racks.

Home Storage Solutions aims not merely to offer sufficient space for your cars within the garage but also enable easy access to all stored objects. The key lies in fully utilizing every inch of accessible space in your garage. Our team consists of professionals who can advise you on how best to employ each part of your garage by providing intelligent storage recommendations and creating personalized organization systems designed specifically for you.

By improving the efficiency of your garage storage system we strive make everyday life easier and better arranged. If transforming chaotic clutter into an organized sanctuary is something you’re contemplating then don’t hesitate contacting us – our team comprising organizational experts eagerly looks forward assisting you in all your garage storage ideas including bike garage storage, garage ceiling storage, and anything and everything for garage for storage. 

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